Hockey Training: Workouts & Exercises


Strength and conditioning specialists generally recommend hockey players improve strength, power, and agility in the off-season and work on maintenance throughout the season. During the off-season, athletes should be focusing more on power, strength, agility, and hypertrophy than during the regular season. Building up strength and gaining mass is crucial as more players not only have highly developed technical skills, … Read More

A Fitness Enthusiast’s Must-Have Home Exercise Equipment

Home Equipment

The fitness industry has had its fads, especially with certain types of exercise equipment. But fitness enthusiasts know that there are some pieces of exercise equipment that are here to stay. Here are eight pieces of exercise equipment that aren’t going anywhere. Adjustable Dumbbells Dumbbells are probably the most versatile piece of home exercise equipment. Depending on your adjustable dumbbell … Read More

How Many Reps Should I Do?


People are often confused over how many reps to do in their workout routine.  The truth is, it really depends on what your goal is and what muscle group you’re targeting. Generally, your workout routine should include some mixture of low repetition heavy weight sets and high repetition low weight sets. The number of repetitions should also vary depending on … Read More

A Short Workout is all it Takes

A Short Workout is all it Takes

Are you efficient with your workouts? Wasting time between sets? Long workouts are harder to fit into your schedule and can be the cause of missing workouts altogether. But workouts don’t have to take two hours, an hour and a half, or even an hour. By following these tips, you can tackle a well-rounded work out in as little as … Read More

Improving Athletic Performance

This is the second part of a two-part series on improving athletic performance. Improving Athletic Performance If you want to improve athletic performance, Shaun Karp, who has trained many world-class athletes says, “you need to focus on three things when trying to improve athletic performance: improving joint and muscle strength, improving cardiovascular endurance/recovery, and preventing injuries.” Improving Cardiovascular Performance Most … Read More

Improving Athletic Performance

Improving Athletic Performance

This article is part one of a two-part series Anybody who is involved in sports and who has a competitive nature is looking to boost their athletic performance. The problem, notes Shaun Karp, a personal trainer and founder of Karp Health Services, is that “people tend to be too narrow in their approach. They focus on building up one or … Read More

Five Exercises to Keep your Body Functioning Efficiently

Five ways to Keep your Body Functioning Efficiently

A plethora of information on fitness and health has led us to believe that there are dozens of essential exercises in a general fitness routine.  However examining human physiology and biomechanics makes obvious that there are only several basic movements, and thus only a handful of exercises required to help keep your body functioning efficiently. Squats Squats not only promote … Read More

Perfecting the Squat

The back squat is one of the most common exercises prescribed in any strength conditioning, fitness, or rehabilitation program. Some swear by the squat while others avoid it because it’s intimidating, technical, and in the beginning, uncomfortable. However with effort and persistence, the squat can be mastered and become one of the most enjoyable exercises in your routine. Before the … Read More

Beat the Boredom out of Cardiovascular Training

Cardio Training

As your feet pound, one after the other on the spinning rubber, you wipe your face with the bottom of your t-shirt. You try desperately to avoid looking at the screen in front of you. So you fiddle with the volume, change the song, and take a long, deep breath, but it doesn’t slip your mind. So you look. 3 … Read More

Difference between Kinesiologists & Certified Personal Trainers

48840731 - fitness woman exercising with fitness trainer in gym. woman doing push ups exercise with her personal trainer at health club.

Difference between Kinesiologists & Certified Personal Trainers Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a kinesiologist and a certified personal trainer? Here is an easy way to tell the difference. All kinesiologists can be personal trainers, but not all personal trainers can be kinesiologists. A lot people have a hard time telling the difference between a kinesiologist and a … Read More

Exercises to Avoid “Text Neck”

Alleviating "Text Neck."

The age of “text neck” is here. With phones and tablets becoming a necessary part of working, playing, shopping,  and socializing, we are spending more and more time hunched over. True to form, we turn our shoulders in and tilt our head down, contemplating the latest email, browsing the newest video, ordering the current trend, and typing out four dozen … Read More

Olympic Lifting – Learn to Hang Clean Efficiently

Olympic Lifting Karp Fitness Vancouver

What is Olympic Lifting? Olympic lifting consists of the snatch and variations of the clean and jerk. Some believe that these movements are essential to a well-rounded fitness routine, while others are hesitant to incorporate these workouts due to their inherent technical nature. However, with professional assistance and regular practice, these movements can elevate your body’s overall strength, functionality, and … Read More

Being Afraid of the Gym is no Excuse

Being afraid of the gym is no excuse

Does the thought of going to the gym make you feel uncomfortable? Have you been putting your workouts off because you are unsure of where to start? These are normal feelings! Many people avoid the gym because they are afraid of the gym. One common belief is that people will be very judgmental. Everyone at the gym is there for … Read More