A Short Workout is all it Takes

A Short Workout is all it Takes

Are you efficient with your workouts? Wasting time between sets? Long workouts are harder to fit into your schedule and can be the cause of missing workouts altogether. But workouts don’t have to take two hours, an hour and a half, or even an hour. By following these tips, you can tackle a well-rounded work out in as little as 45 minutes.

Avoid wasting time

One of the best ways to reduce your workout time is by being effective with time. Go into the gym with a plan by having your workout laid out ahead of time. List on paper what muscle groups you’re working, how many sets and repetitions you’ll complete, and a backup plan in case equipment is taken or out of order. This will ensure that you avoid standing around trying to figure out what to do next.

Another way to reduce the amount of time you spend in the gym is to cut out all unnecessary chatter. It’s nice to see everyone in the gym and say hi, but if you find yourself spending two, five, or even ten minutes talking , your workout will take longer and be less effective.

Bring your own water bottle. If you find yourself constantly walking towards the water fountain to take a sip, it’s time to spend a little money and save the time it takes walking back and forth for water. Doing this will save those extra minutes you waste, and will probably cut down on some chatter at the water fountain.

Work opposing muscle groups

You can really cut back on time by designing a workout plan that incorporates opposing muscle groups. For example, if it’s chest day and you’re on the bench press, you can also include lat pulldowns during the time when you’d break. This way you’re working two muscles groups at once. Another great combination is by performing leg presses and hamstring curls simultaneously.

Stretch Between Sets

Most of us stretch before or after a workout. Why not just incorporate stretching in between your sets instead of before or after the workout? If you require a break between a heavy or high-volume set, consider stretching out to fill in that time gap. By doing this, you’ll give yourself adequate rest, and be able to loosen up all of your muscles.

Workout During Slow Times

It can be frustrating when the gym is crowded, and it can take up a lot of time asking and waiting for machines. Try to schedule your workouts before 8am because a lot of the equipment and treadmills will be free. The same can be said for the times between 11am and 1pm. And while evenings are often crowded, fitness centers usually quiet down after 7pm, so scheduling an after dinner workout can save time.