Being Afraid of the Gym is no Excuse

Being afraid of the gym is no excuse

Does the thought of going to the gym make you feel uncomfortable? Have you been putting your workouts off because you are unsure of where to start? These are normal feelings! Many people avoid the gym because they are afraid of the gym. One common belief is that people will be very judgmental. Everyone at the gym is there for … Read More

Ask Shaun: What are some good vacation exercise ideas?

Vacation Exercise Karp Fitness Vancouver

Q: A group of us are going on a vacation this summer. What are some workouts I can do while I am on vacation? A: It really depends on where you’re going on vacation. But if you going on the kind of vacation where you’ll be in warm weather and on the beach, then a few body weight workouts are … Read More

Ask Shaun: What is the most common exercise mistake?

Exercise Mistake Karp Fitness Vancouver

Q:  What is the most common exercise mistake that people make? I getting back into fitness and I want to make sure that I do everything right! A: One exercise mistake that people make is that they overdo it when returning from a break. If you haven’t exercised in a while and experience a sudden boost of motivation, it may … Read More

Body Composition and Body Fat Testing

Body Composition Karp Fitness Vancouver

What does the number on the weight scale really mean? Regarding overall health, weight is not nearly as important as the composition of that weight. Rather than tracking weight, we should be aware of our body composition. Body composition reveals the relative proportions of fat and lean mass in the body. Fat mass consist of two types of fat: essential … Read More

Keeping Fit and Healthy – Even with Kids!

kids Fitness Karp Fitness Vancouver

Busy mom? Overbooked dad? No worries! There are tons of easy ways to fit in some fitness when you’ve got kids in tow! Exercise first thing in the morning. Do your kids tend to sleep until you wake them? Take advantage of that time by using it to get your sweat on! Not only will this set up the rest … Read More

Three Easy Steps To A Strong, Attractive, and Flat Tummy!

Flat Tummy Karp Fitness Vancouver

 If you are motivated to improve your fitness levels and reduce your body-fat, here are some tips to get on track.  Remember that diet and exercise go hand in hand when it comes to lowering your body-fat and creating a flat tummy, so take a dual approach to get the best results. Perform a balanced strengthening routine three times each … Read More

Brain Boosting Exercise – How Exercise Benefits the Brain

Brain Boosting Exercise Karp Fitness Vancouver

Exercise does the the body good in a variety of ways. It can increase your energy levels; prevent or manage some illnesses and diseases, such as diabetes, depression, stoke, heart disease, arthritis and several types of cancer; control your weight; and promote a better and more restful sleep. But did you know that exercise benefits the brain, as well? In … Read More

How to: Body Fat Testing

body fat testing karp fitness vancouver

The dreaded bathroom scale is used most often to monitor fitness level, but, while weight provides handy, frequent feedback, it can also be misleading. For many reasons, body fat testing is usually much more useful. Traditional scales cannot separate weight from fat and muscle, which is problematic since muscle, being denser and more fibrous, weighs more than fat. As a … Read More

Strength Training Exercises for Runners

Strength Training Exercises for Runners Karp Fitness Vancouver

If we look at older generations and ask them how they exercised, the answer is likely “I just ran!” However, over the years the sport of running has evolved and running alone is not enough. These days, almost any sport involves some quantity of strength training. For runners, strength training is essential to preventing injuries and increasing strength. Running has … Read More

How Exercise Improves Work Productivity

Exercise Improves Work Productivity Karp Fitness Vancouver

If you look around, you may notice that many successful people have one thing in common: they include regular exercise in their daily routine. It is well known that staying active has benefits for all aspects of your life, beyond fitting into those skinny jeans from ten years ago. Did you know that exercise improves work productivity, too? Being more … Read More

Strength Training for Beginners

Strength Training for Beginners Karp Fitness Vancouver

A house cannot be built without a solid foundation. Similarly, starting a new strength training routine needs preparation – jumping into it full force without the right information or a gradual build up can result in injury and a lack of results. For many people starting weight training is intimidating to say the least. Often the first image that pops … Read More

An Easy Workout Does the Body Good!

Easy Workout Karp Fitness Vancouver

You may have perfected your workout routine. Cardio, strength training, and stretches, you know the drill. But sometimes life gets in the way and other commitments take priorty, leaving you with no choice but to forego your workout altogether. However, even a quick and easy workout has benefits and is better than no workout at all.  Quick Workouts Have Many … Read More