A Fitness Enthusiast’s Must-Have Home Exercise Equipment

Home Equipment

The fitness industry has had its fads, especially with certain types of exercise equipment. But fitness enthusiasts know that there are some pieces of exercise equipment that are here to stay. Here are eight pieces of exercise equipment that aren’t going anywhere.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells are probably the most versatile piece of home exercise equipment. Depending on your adjustable dumbbell set, you’ll have access to weight ranging from 5 to 60 pounds. Since the set is adjustable, it doesn’t take up much space and allows you to perform a wide array of exercises. There is no limit to the number of exercises you can do with adjustable dumbbells. You can work out your chest, perform front squats (holding the dumbbell in front of you), and pump up your arms with only a set of adjustable dumbbells. Being able to quickly adjust the weight makes adjustable dumbbells a must-have.

Workout Bench

A workout bench isn’t in most people’s list of must-have exercise equipment. However, a workout bench allows you to best utilize the adjustable dumbbells. Being able to lie down to perform chest workouts like chest press or flies, kneel over to perform single-arm rows, or simply perform seated bicep curls, makes a workout bench a valuable piece of home exercise equipment.

Exercise Mat

Having a comfortable exercise mat is important for any home workout routine. It is perfect for abdominal work, push-ups, and stretches. Many people think that they can skip the mat and make do with the carpet or hardwood, but these surfaces are really not ideal for workout movements.

Foam Roller

These have become very common in the last couple years, but don’t worry, they’re not a fad. After a workout, it’s always a good idea to stretch out. There is no downside to using a foam roller to relieve tight muscles and increase blood flow.

Skipping rope

Not everyone enjoys running on the treadmill or riding a stationary bike. Skipping ropes are a great alternative to the treadmill or stationary bike because they’re inexpensive and do not take up any space. Skipping ropes are a cheap, portable, and a fun way to get some cardiovascular exercise in. And during the summer months, they can be used outside.

Pull-up bar

A pull-up bar is another must-have for a fitness enthusiast. Pull-up bars provide essential body-weight exercises for your back and arms, and some models can be used on the ground for chest and tricep workouts.

Stability Ball

Stability balls are another staple in any fitness enthusiast’s home equipment. Using a stability ball, you can perform wall-squats, abdominal exercises, decline push-ups, and hip thrusts, to name only a few. A stability ball can also serve as something you can perform light sitting shoulder press exercises with or a modified chest press with dumbbells.

Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is another great piece of equipment for those who don’t want to solely rely on crunches and other body-weight abdominal workouts. A medium weight medicine ball can take your abdominal workouts up a notch by adding some resistance to crunches, oblique twists, and planks.