Karp Fitness Services

Personal Training

Karp Fitness creates individual personal training programs suited to your needs. With our expert team, you will enjoy energetic workouts designed to help you exceed your goals. Using proper technique, you will complete safe and effective routines designed just for you.

Active Rehabilitation

Active rehabilitation was first developed for use by top athletes. It involves using e stretching and exercise to return a person to good health after injury.

Today, active rehab is often prescribed for regular folks following an injury. Active rehabilitation works by helping you regain “functional ability.” It does this by quickly reestablishing your lost mobility and strength.

High Performance Athlete Training

A certified personal trainer and prominent member of B.C.’s fitness community, Shaun Karp designs sports conditioning programs for elite and upcoming athletes that include customized diet and exercise routines, as well as training sessions with Karp‘s most qualified, experienced trainers.

Corporate Programs

Every corporation is different! Utilizing a variety of our extensive services we will customize a comprehensive program tailored to the specific needs of your business. We develop a program that fits!

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