Don’t let Life Derail Your Progress: Set a Goal and be Flexible in Your Approach

Don't Let Life Derail Progress

After committing yourself to a fitness program – after committing yourself to practically anything – it can be hard to keep up a strict routine with all of life’s curve balls. Instead of setting a very strict routine to follow for achieving your goal, be flexible in how you get there.

Setting a fitness goal such as running a half marathon, completing Tough Mudder, or achieving a certain physique takes planning, time, and effort.

Planning to complete activities usually means setting aside some time during the week to train for these goals.

Having a set gym or cardiovascular schedule can be a great way to make progress, however life’s little accidents and those unexpected events can derail your training schedule. Instead of being upset over all of life’s incidentals, plan them into your progress.

Let’s face it. We’re not always going to have a ton of energy left to train after a hard day at work. We’re not always going to be able to hit our target speeds, lifts, and times that our program calls for. And we’re not always going to be able to fit our scheduled training in, even if it’s scheduled in. So when you’re setting up your fitness schedule, keep it flexible.

If you miss a few days of training, don’t let it get you down.

You’re still going to be just as strong and just as fast next week. A few days of unscheduled rest can even be a good thing. What matters most is that you persist over the long term. If work has you staying late and missing training, make it up on a weekend by skipping that movie. If your car breaks down and you can’t drive to the track, tie up your shoes and jog around the block.

Little accidents and unexpected events will always cut into your fitness goals. But if you stay focused, be flexible in your approach, and think long term, you will certainly conquer your goal.