Beat the Winter Blues

Winter Run

It’s gotten cold outside, but that doesn’t mean your exercise routine has to stop. When it’s cold, we tend to want to stay inside, snuggle up, eat more, and do less. Keeping up with your exercise routine may provide even more benefits in the winter. Here are some reasons to help you get up and out, even when it’s well below zero.

During the summer we get plenty of vitamin D, but in the winter the sunshine can be harder to come by. Being in the sun, even in the bitter cold, gives our skin the vitamin D it needs and often makes us more positive and optimistic.

It’s also good to get some fresh air. Having the heater constantly running and being in a stuffy office or in your home can expose you to other people’s bugs and unpleasant odors and chemicals. The air outside is usually healthier than the air inside, so heading out for a walk or run can be refreshing and make you feel better.

Staying on top of your exercise routine also helps you manage your weight. With all of the holiday food and treats, it’s easy to fall out of shape. Shorter and colder days don’t do much to inspire you to head out for a run or a bike ride after work either, so weight gain can seem inevitable. But if you keep up your exercise routine by bundling up and venturing outdoors, you’ll stay on track with your fitness goals for spring and summer.