Need a Great Calf Workout?

Calf Workout Karp Fitness Vancouver

Often times when we go to the gym we forget to exercise an important set of muscles – our calves. The dilemma with training calves is that they are difficult muscles to develop. Every person has a slightly different structure and form, and some people have larger muscles than others. The calf is the region between your knee and ankle … Read More

Ask Shaun: What are the best calorie-burning activities?

Best Calorie-Burning Activities Karp Fitness Vancouver

  Q: What are the best calorie-burning activities? A: When it comes to cardio exercise we all know that it is essential to keep us healthy and in shape. But often people find it difficult to make time for a long cardio session. Let’s face it – we want a workout that will burn the most amount of calories in … Read More

Ask Shaun: Will I be lighter if I drink less water?

Ask Shaun Staying Hydrated Karp Fitness Vancouver

Q: I’ve heard that drinking water is important, but won’t I be lighter if I drink less water? A: Water is an essential nutrient for optimal health and  basic survival. A common myth is that you may be lighter or weigh less if you stop drinking as much. Not only is this myth untrue, it is dangerous! Our bodies need … Read More

Keep the Weight off Permanently!

Permanent Weight Loss Karp Fitness Vancouver

Losing weight is hard and keeping it off is even more challenging. It is essential to have a positive attitude and commitment if you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and keep the weight off permanently . There are countless diet books and websites that claim to know the key to keeping weight off. The truth is that there is … Read More

Fitness over 40

Fitness Over 40 Karp Fitness Vancouver

The big FOUR-O – just because you’ve turned forty doesn’t mean you can’t live a vibrant and energetic full life. It is evident that advances in modern medicine and technology have allowed us to live longer and to maintain our body in a stronger version of our younger self. Fitness experts agree that in our forties we can still remake … Read More

Family Fun in the Sun! Summertime Activities to Keep You Fit!

Summer Activities Karp Fitness Vancouver

The kids are rounding down another school year and that means summer vacation is upon us. It also means that many of us will start to hear “I’m bored!” for the next three months. Fortunately, you can easily cultivate a boredom-free summer with a little forward thinking and a bit of imagination. All you need is the right activities, which … Read More

Ask Shaun: How do I start building muscle?

Building Muscle Karp Fitness Vancouver

Q: One of my biggest fitness goals is to build more muscle. Any tips? A: If you are looking to increase your lean body mass, your program must be designed around strength improvements. This means lifting a little heavier weights, performing fewer repetitions on each set, and taking a little longer breaks between your sets to allow your muscles to … Read More

5 Ways to Fight Gymtimidation

Gymtimidation Karp Fitness Vancouver

Do you experience self-consciousness or anxiety when entering a gym? It might be “gymtimidation” – a feeling common among both genders and people of all fitness levels that causes stress and, yes, intimidation in gym settings. Some experience gymtimidation because they simply do not like others watching them while they exercise. Others have developed low self-confidence based on feeling judged for … Read More

Ask Shaun: Options for healthy, portable snacks?

Q: I am a college student and I often buy something from the vending machine when I get hungry in between classes. What is the best thing to have? A: Most vending machines contain very few nutritious foods – if any. Many people choose sunflower seeds or peanuts thinking they are having a healthy snack. While nuts and seeds contain valuable vitamins and … Read More

Fitness Motivation – Starting is Half the Battle!

Fitness Motivation Karp Fitness Vancouver

Motivation plays a huge role in a successful exercise program, but it is often difficult to find the inspiration to exercise regularly. Here are four great tips to help when your motivation fails: 1) Variety: Try a combination of different activities to find a balance of activities that you enjoy. Ideally, this should be a balance of gym workouts and physical … Read More

Ask Shaun: How can I eat low-fat at restaurants?

Low Fat Foods at Restaurants Karp Fitness Vancouver

Q: I want to enjoy restaurant dining with my friends. How can I eat out while still keeping up with my low-fat diet? Q:  If you prepare your food at home, you have control over the amount – and the kind –  of fat you add. But this isn’t always as easy when you eat at a restaurant. Whenever you eat out, … Read More

Ask Shaun: How do you do crunches with a stability ball?

Stability Ball Ab Workout Karp Fitness Vancouver

Q: I want to make my ab workouts more intense with a stability ball, but I don’t know where to start. Any suggestions? A: First thing’s first: make sure that the ball is the correct size for you. Determine this by sitting on a stability ball with your feet shoulder width apart. If your knees are at a 90 degree … Read More

Ask Shaun: Can you recommend some after-work stretches?

Desk Job Back Pain Stretches Karp Fitness Vancouver

Q: I sit at a desk all day at work and my back often feels tight when I get home. Is there a good stretch that I can do to relieve this discomfort? A: Stretching out your latissimus dorsi and back extensor muscles should provide some good relief and help you to limber up some of those tight muscles. To stretch … Read More