Family Fun in the Sun! Summertime Activities to Keep You Fit!

Summer Activities Karp Fitness Vancouver

The kids are rounding down another school year and that means summer vacation is upon us. It also means that many of us will start to hear “I’m bored!” for the next three months. Fortunately, you can easily cultivate a boredom-free summer with a little forward thinking and a bit of imagination. All you need is the right activities, which should be in no short supply since summer is the perfect time to get outside and get moving! If you need a little inspiration, give these family-friendly activities a try:

  • Go for a swim! Swimming is the perfect summer activity since it burns calories and keeps you from burning up.  Don’t have time for a trip to the beach? Simply run through the sprinkler! And keep in mind: swimming isn’t just for kids – Try a pool program yourself for some serious low-impact cardio!
  • Catch bubbles. Everyone loves the fun of blowing bubbles and all that running is bound to get your blood pumping! Make it more interesting by creating your own multi-coloured bubbles with a little food colouring.
  • Take a horseback riding class. Horse riding is a great way to sneak in a little exercise while also teaching kids about animal care! If you’ve got kids who love animals, consider also taking a stroll through your local zoo or aquarium.
  • Fish for dinner. Why go to the store when you can get fresh fish right off the boat or dock? Eating this nutritious meal it is just half the fun!
  • Visit a corn maze. Round up your friends or neighbours and get lost! What better way to start walking? Avoid the not-so-nutritious snacks offered by these attractions and bring your own, instead.
  • Set up a water balloon fight. Once the fight is over, even cleaning can count as exercise. But remember: water isn’t just for throwing, so keep hydrated!
  • Play a game (or two!) of tag. You’ll get some running in without the drag of “going for a run.” Add a little incentive by making it a competition and handing out prizes to winners.
  • Try leap-frog with the kids. This classic children’s game works the same muscles as a squat, so you’ll burn big calories. But you’ll have a whole lot more fun than you would at the squat rack!
  • Schedule a neighborhood relay race at the community park. Fitness is always more enjoyable with other people! To keep the health kick going, end the day with a whole food potluck.
  • Sign the kids up for a class at an athletic training facility and complete your workout while you wait. Three cheers for multitasking!

Shaun Karp is a Vancouver fitness expert offering personalized fitness plans across 11 lower mainland gyms. For more fitness and ideas, check out his “Ask an Expert” segments on Global TV. If you’d like to book a sweat session with a Karp personal trainer, call 604-420-7800