Ask Shaun: Can you recommend some after-work stretches?

Desk Job Back Pain Stretches Karp Fitness Vancouver

Q: I sit at a desk all day at work and my back often feels tight when I get home. Is there a good stretch that I can do to relieve this discomfort?

A: Stretching out your latissimus dorsi and back extensor muscles should provide some good relief and help you to limber up some of those tight muscles.

To stretch these areas, try the Prayer Stretch, which is completed by kneeling on a mat and stretching your arms forward in front of your head with your palms down. The key to this stretch is to keep your gluteal muscles in contact with your heels and your arms stretched out as far as possible. You should feel it through the middle and outer part of your back and down into your lower back. Hold the stretch for 60 seconds and perform daily. You can also stretch your lower back by pulling both of your knees to your chest for 45-60 seconds while lying on your back.

Stretching is also a good stress reliever, so be sure to relax and breathe deeply!

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