Keeping Fit and Healthy – Even with Kids!

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Busy mom? Overbooked dad? No worries! There are tons of easy ways to fit in some fitness when you’ve got kids in tow!

  1. Exercise first thing in the morning. Do your kids tend to sleep until you wake them? Take advantage of that time by using it to get your sweat on! Not only will this set up the rest of your day and encourage you to make healthier choices, it will also prevent you from skipping your workout after a hard day at work.
  1. Opt for short, intense workouts. If time is the hot commodity in your world, use less of it toward your workout. Instead, increase the intensity of your exercise with popular interval fitness training. For example, try alternating 30 seconds of rest with sets of lunges, squats, or other heart-pumping moves.
  1. Include the kids in your activity. This eliminates the need to find dedicated time away from the little ones – something that many parents may find difficult – and has the added benefit of teaching them about exercise and keeping them healthy in the process. Win-win!
  1. Find inexpensive or free ways to workout. There’s no doubt about it: kids cost money. And more often than not, it’s the parents who go without when budgets run thin. The good news is that there are a lot of free and inexpensive workout options out there. Look for exercise videos on YouTube for free routines that can be done at home or take a stroll over to your local community centre, where you are bound to come across some low-cost fitness classes.
  1. Don’t just watch! When you take the kids to the park, get up off that bench and play with them. Children have tons of natural energy and you’ll definitely feel the burn trying to keep up with them. A game of tag might do the trick, or you can channel your inner child by challenging the monkey bars – just remember to keep your feet off the ground!
  1. Multi-task and get in some cardio while you clean. Chasing the kids around the house? Running laundry up and down the stairs? Lugging a heavy vacuum around? It all counts! Keep track of how much time you spend completing these tasks and you might be surprised. For an added burn, turn the chores into a competition and see how fast you can complete them.

It can be hard to squeeze in your daily fitness as a parent, but it’s not impossible! Just take advantage of these helpful tips, figure out what works for you, and find your success!