Being Afraid of the Gym is no Excuse

Being afraid of the gym is no excuse

Does the thought of going to the gym make you feel uncomfortable? Have you been putting your workouts off because you are unsure of where to start? These are normal feelings! Many people avoid the gym because they are afraid of the gym.

One common belief is that people will be very judgmental. Everyone at the gym is there for self-improvement, not to judge.

Another mistaken idea about the gym is that everyone who is at the gym knows everyone else there. While it is true that people nod to each other, and occasionally form friendships beyond the gym, most people at the gym do not know each other prior. Moreover, people might see each other at the gym quite often, but most probably haven’t ever said hi to one another.

Some people are afraid that they won’t know what exercises to do. This is natural. If you don’t know where to start, consider finding a kinesiology or personal trainer to help you out. These professionals can create a personal fitness program, teach you proper technique and lifting form. And if you think you need to be in good shape before you get into a gym, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. The gym is the best place to make this happen.

Others are concerned that they may get injured working out. Again, consulting a kinesiologist or a personal trainer can greatly reduce the likelihood of becoming injured at the gym. If you’re determined to go it on your own, most of the machines are designed for safety and have detailed instructions about the workout and the muscles involved.

Probably the biggest reason people give for avoiding the gym is embarrassment.

People say that they they’re scared of embarrassing themselves in front of other people. There isn’t anything to be embarrassed of. If your forms not perfect or if you can’t lift as much as Arnold, no one is going to judge you for it. Everyone is there for self-improvement, not to judge.

Most people regret not starting to go to the gym sooner. They complain that their fears held them back for too long, and that they could have been in better shape a lot sooner!

There’s no reason to be afraid of going to the gym. Most of the people at the gym are pleasant, and will gladly lend a spot or share a great piece of workout advice. Being afraid of the gym is no excuse. Your confidence and health will improve, and you’ll probably develop a few new acquaintances, and maybe even a new passion.