Indoor Workouts for Winter Weather

Indoor Exercise Karp Fitness Vancouver

Is this cold December weather keeping you from your fitness routine? Forget that! Chilly temperatures don’t have to be the enemy of good health! Instead, you can try one of these great indoor exercises:

  1. Jump Rope – Perfect if you live in a small apartment without a lot of space. But remember, you will want to land softly for the safety of your knees safe.
  2. Dancing – Turn on a favorite tune and just start grooving! The good thing about dancing is that it is FUN, so it will leave you wanting moooore.
  3. Yoga – Need some stress relief? Yoga may be the answer! Visit a local yoga studio or pop in a DVD  for all the physical and mental benefits of this time-honored practice.
  4. Knee Ups – Awesome for runners! Just make sure that you avoid slouching or bending backward. You can even double or triple the reps for more cardiovascular intensity!
  5. Stair Climbing – What better way to tone your legs? If you don’t have stairs, consider investing in some steps-ups or plyo boxes.

There are hundreds of ways to get without leaving your door! Try one of these suggestions or be creative and invent your own!

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