Fitness Gift Guide 2015

Fitness Gifts Karp Fitness Vancouver
Have a fitness junkie to shop for? How about someone who is new to exercise and looking for the latest gadgets? Either way, these hot holiday gifts are sure to please!
PowerBlock ($150.00 – $200.00):

Get more bang for your buck with this easy-access dumbbell set. PowerBlock’s innovative free weights stack on top of each other to create a convenient, space-saving cube. Choose from as few as five pounds or as many as 130 pounds, depending on your goals. When you’re ready to use them, simply insert the handle at your desired weight and get started! Perfect for small apartments and home gyms.

Workout Gloves ($20.00 – $50.00):

An awesome stocking stuffer! Workout gloves prevent calluses, improve grip, and increase your stamina. Plus, they keep your workouts more sanitary by blocking bacteria transfer. One brand to try is Rehband, which offers specially-designed products for almost every fitness situation.

Knee Support Bands ($25.00):

Knee bands are the perfect companion for your leg workouts. Made of flexible neoprene, these form-fitting cuffs can be used to prevent injury or to increase stability. They’re also great for heavy exercise sets that require a little more support. Available in a number of colors and styles for added personalization!

Plyo Boxes ($45.00):

The possibilities are endless with these easy-to-store “nesting” boxes. Use them for multi-level step-ups or to add a little dimension to your lunge set. They can even be placed side by side to create a unique bounding routine! Included are lightweight rectangular frames ranging in size from 12 inches to 48 inches. Opt for an individual frame or for a set of up to six. Sold in varying heights to match every fitness level.

Chin-up Bands ($30.00 – $50.00):

Another wonderful stocking stuffer idea! These bands are usually placed under your feet to gently help you lift as you perform the classic back-sculpting chin-up. They are perfect for novices or for those who lack the upper body strength to perform this movement independently. Plus they can be used by most people, regardless of height or size!