Ask Shaun: Best Stretch for Back Pain?

Q: I sit all day at work. When I get home, my back is stiff, tight, and very sore. What is the best stretch I can do to get some relief?  A: These days, many jobs require prolonged sitting, with serious negative effects, including increased back pain. As a result, Karp OTs suggest standing desks, ball chairs, walking meetings, and more, to … Read More

Ask Shaun: How Much Exercise Is Enough?

Q: I care about health, but I’m so busy! What is the minimum amount I should exercise to be fit? A: Most of us are pretty busy, but the trick is to consider exercise a priority and build your life around it. Still, I understand if you can’t fit in multiple hours of daily exercise. If you simply want a healthy lifestyle, plan … Read More

You Need Water to Lose Weight

Everyone knows water is important for general health. But not as many realize how integral getting enough quality H2O is to a successful weight loss plan. In fact, there are many ways that proper hydration can help you lose weight. Here are just a few! By drinking water, you will:   Burn more fat & Reduce rapid weight change: First … Read More

Don’t Worry, Dumbbells Are Still Smart

Any fitness newcomer might wonder if old-fashioned dumbbell routines, the type once marketed to scrawny beach goers, might no longer be so smart. This is especially true given the rise of cutting-edge exercise equipment, from TRX cables to digital fitness tools. The reality is, dumbbell routines remain among the very best full-body workouts available for all fitness levels. One great … Read More

Want to Stay Active this Winter? Try Skating!

If the idea of getting all your cardio from treadmills and stationary bikes throughout the long Canadian winter feels a bit like jail time, don’t worry. There are plenty of great seasonal cardio activities done outside a gym, and skating is one of the very best. There are other winter cardio options, of course, like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, public pools, … Read More

2014 Resolutions Check-Up

Every New Year, “Get Fit” and “Lose Weight” are among the most common resolutions. Unfortunately, resolutions themselves are often viewed as only delightful delusions. But, despite this pervasive defeatism, research data demonstrates clear value in resolution making. The Facts On Resolutions  The first bit of encouraging news is that New Year’s resolutions remain relatively common, with %45 of North Americans … Read More

Karp Fitness Gift Guide 2013

One wonderful aspect of the fitness and rehabilitation industry is that it never remains static for long. This means that each year brings another batch of groundbreaking and innovative gifts to buy for all your fitness or rehab focused loved ones. The 2013 line-up is just as refreshingly cutting-edge as ever. In case you missed it on GlobalTV , and in … Read More

Are You as Fit as You Think?

So you think you’re pretty fit, huh? These suggestions should reveal if you’re right, or if you’ve neglected one of the three core areas of fitness: strength, flexibility, and cardio. Maybe you’ve trained independently for years without a basis for comparison, or you could be a hobbyist lifter, dancer, or runner wondering how your fitness compares outside your comfort zone. … Read More

The Fitness Triangle

Trying to shed a few pounds before beach season? Read on to ensure you aren’t ignoring any of the three building blocks of fitness. The best way to attain optimal fitness is to divide the task into its three basic components: proper nutrition, cardiovascular training, and muscle strengthening. But remember, simple is not the same as easy! 1) Nutrition: avoid simple carbs; … Read More

Don’t Sweat Skipping Some Summer Workouts

Every summer, regimented exercise programs take a backseat to lawn maintenance, daylong barbecuing, and outdoor fun. But here’s the good news: the heat of summer naturally boots the metabolism and the longer days enable you to fit in more activity. So there’s a chance you’ll burn even more calories simply having fun than you would in the gym! Consider that … Read More

Karp Personal Trainers Can Get You Fit!

Are you a gym beginner? Or a highly trained athlete? Maybe you’re nursing an injury? No matter your fitness goals,  Karp Fitness can help you excel. Why Choose Karp? Established in 1992, Karp Fitness is one of Vancouver’s premier fitness specialists. With university degrees in kinesiology and  other supporting certifications, all our personal trainers are a cut above. Karp trainers also care. They will … Read More

The Myth of Targeted Weight-Loss

You’ve been sweating through two-hundred crunches a day. Your torso hurts and you’re losing sleep because you wake up early each morning to complete more abdominal exercises. All this would be worth it if you saw some progress, but your frustration increases as the size of your tummy paunch fails to decrease. Sound familiar? Even if the rest of their … Read More

Keep Getting BETTER!

The only way to increase athletic performance is to isolate your weaknesses and work diligently to improve. This may seem like advice for high-level athletes, but what works for them will work for you, too! No, we can’t all be Olympic decathletes, but attaining overall fitness that includes a balance of speed, strength, stamina, and stability should be almost everybody’s … Read More

Sports Rehabilitation After “Stress”

Jacob Davidson – Suffering an injury is common in sports and with any physical activity, but, when someone gets injured, he or she also experiences stress from aggravating the part of the body that is causing the discomfort. While suffering this stress can be a bit of a hassle, there are many ways to cope with and overcome it. The … Read More

Fresh Produce Is Always In Season

Eating fresh produce is always a good idea.  First though, you need to stock-up. Grower Direct Is Best The best resource is a personal garden. Growing your own produce not only saves money, but also provides hours of exercise! Obviously, gardens are not an option for everyone, but do not discount the potential of a porch, deck, or well-lit windowsill. … Read More