Fitness Motivation – Starting is Half the Battle!

Fitness Motivation Karp Fitness Vancouver

Motivation plays a huge role in a successful exercise program, but it is often difficult to find the inspiration to exercise regularly.

Here are four great tips to help when your motivation fails:

1) Variety: Try a combination of different activities to find a balance of activities that you enjoy. Ideally, this should be a balance of gym workouts and physical leisure activities, such as playing golf or softball. Also try altering your routine every four to six weeks to prevent boredom and to maintain a healthy level of challenge.

2) Timing: If finding time to exercise is a struggle, try exercising first thing in the morning. This will cut down on the potential for procrastination and will also allow you to avoid crowds. Also consider joining whichever gym is closest to your home or work to cut down on travel time. And remember: your health is worth making time for!

3) Comfort: Do you find modern fitness equipment intimidating? Or even just the idea of joining a fitness club? don’t worry! Most gyms offer an orientation and certified personal trainers can help you develop a personal fitness program specific to your own unique needs.

4) Realism: When embarking on a new fitness routine, people often want to lose 30 pounds or look the same as they did on their wedding day. But, of course, none of us is getting any younger! It may be more motivating to concentrate on reducing body-fat rather than losing weight, because a scale does not account for muscle gains or water retention.

So there you have it: pick exercises that you enjoy and change them regularly, work-out at times that do not interfere with daily activities, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and set realistic goals!

Shaun Karp is a certified personal trainer in Vancouver. For further information call his office at 604-420-7800.