“I sincerely appreciated the time, skill, motivation and total commitment that I received from my trainer in not only developing a program, but provding the insight, understanding and the ability to motivate this tired old body!” – Rosella Anslow

“I feel that I have improved my strength and general overall well being through this program. Thank you!” – Rhonda Vetter

“A good well thought-out program. Far exceeds what I had for the last 2 accidents, both with soft-tissue damage.” – Peter Leathem

“I always looked forward to coming to my sessions and felt even better when I left. I am very appreciative for the help and support I received here and I am glad that I decided to go ahead with this program.” – Corri Ann George

“I felt totally welcomed and felt that my therapist taught me how to strengthen my body so I could return to full-time work. Plus she made me feel better about myself and my health. I would recommend Karp Rehabilitation to others.” – Darlene Hamelin

“Very good program, althuogh I thought it would kill me in the beginning! Very pleased with my results!” – Deborah Dyson

“After going to Chiropractors and Massage Therapists I never felt a difference. But now I can say that I feel my strength improvements!” – Farah Sunderji

“Karp Rehabilitation should be more endorsed by ICBC, WCB and all sports associations” – James Lee