Low Impact Water Workouts

Water Exercise Karp Fitness Vancouver

If you are looking for a great way to improve your physical fitness and well-being, try exercising in the pool. Water exercise is  perfect for seniors, who often find it to be a great addition to their mobility routine. It also tends to be quite beneficial for people who have back pain or knee injuries, as it removes much of the … Read More

Ask Shaun: When should I use heat and ice?

Heat and Cold for Injuries Karp Rehabilitation Vancouver

Q: I’ve injured myself and I know that using heat and ice can help. But my question is…when should I use heat and when should I use ice? A: Both heat and ice are simple yet effective ways to combat pain without the use of conventional painkillers. As a general rule, you should apply ice to injured or sore areas whenever … Read More

Mid-February Motivation

Fitness Motivation Karp Fitness Vancouver

Well here it is: the middle of February, that time when our New Year’s resolve may begin to fade. Have you fallen victim to this post-January motivation block? Luckily, we’ve got the tips to get you – and your workouts – back on track! 1.)  Start with the first workout…Getting back into your fitness routine for the first time after … Read More

Five Fitness Myths Debunked!

Fitness Myths Karp Fitness Vancouver

Fitness info is spouted everywhere: on the blogs,  in the magazines, and even as part of new gym memberships. But have you ever wondered whether some exercise “facts” are actually falsities? Find out now as we debunk these five common fitness myths! No Pain, No Gain…Pain is not required for a successful workout. A little “good pain” is to be … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions Mistakes to Avoid

New Year's Resolutions Karp Fitness Vancouver

Avoid Common Mistakes When Setting Fitness Resolutions If sudden weight gain has you feeling like it is time to make some changes to your diet and exercise routine, be careful not to make mistakes that may lead to long term disappointment. The New Year is a great time to focus on fitness, as many of us are happy to get … Read More

Indoor Workouts for Winter Weather

Indoor Exercise Karp Fitness Vancouver

Is this cold December weather keeping you from your fitness routine? Forget that! Chilly temperatures don’t have to be the enemy of good health! Instead, you can try one of these great indoor exercises: Jump Rope – Perfect if you live in a small apartment without a lot of space. But remember, you will want to land softly for the safety of your … Read More

Fitness Gift Guide 2015

Fitness Gifts Karp Fitness Vancouver

Have a fitness junkie to shop for? How about someone who is new to exercise and looking for the latest gadgets? Either way, these hot holiday gifts are sure to please! PowerBlock ($150.00 – $200.00): Get more bang for your buck with this easy-access dumbbell set. PowerBlock’s innovative free weights stack on top of each other to create a convenient, … Read More

Ask Shaun: How do I get toned triceps?

Tricep Exercises Karp Fitness Vancouver

A: My triceps are not toned enough! What are some good tricep exercises for women? Q: Tricep kick-backs and chair-dips are two of the best exercises that women (and men!) can do for their triceps. Plus, these exercises only require a pair of dumbbells or a chair to complete, so there is no need to worry about expensive equipment! To … Read More

Ask Shaun: Should I track my workouts?

Fitness Tracker Karp Fitness Vancouver

Q: Why is it beneficial to track workouts? A: It is a good idea to record your workouts so that you can monitor your progress — and so that you can determine what is working. To start, you might want to use a pedometer to count your daily steps. You might also want to record the weight, sets, and repetitions that you perform with … Read More

Ask Shaun: Any fitness tips for beginners?

Karp Fitness Beginner Fitness Vancouver

Q: What is a good fitness program for beginners? A: The best approach is to add a little at a time so that your body and schedule can adapt. One good starting point might be for you to do 25 minutes of cardiovascular exercise (like a brisk walk or a bike ride) and 20 minutes of strengthening exercises. Alternatively, you could … Read More

Staying Fit as a Senior

Karp Fitness Senior Fitness Vancouver

We all know that regular exercise is a necessity for healthy living. But what does fitness look like as we age? What happens if we do not exercise regularly? Which activities are best for seniors, and which are best left to younger generations? Luckily, Karp Fitness has the answers to these questions! Why is exercise so important for seniors? Yes, fitness … Read More

Regular Food Facts

  FOOD COMPOSITION GUIDE BREADS MEASURE CALORIES PROTEIN CARBS FAT BRAN FLAKES 1 Cup 152 5.3 37.3 .8 BRAN MUFFIN 1 104 3.1 6.1 3.9 CHEERIOS 1 ¼ Cup 111 4.3 19.6 1.8 CORN FLAKES 1 ¼ Cup 110 2.3 24.4 .1 CREAM OF WHEAT 1 cup 134 3.8 27.7 .5 DINNER ROLLS 1 113 3.1 20.1 2.2 ENGLISH MUFFIN … Read More

Ask Shaun: How fast can I lose mid-section weight?

Lose Midsection Weight

Q: How fast can I lose mid-section weight? A: When you decide to make a lifestyle change, it is essential to have realistic goals and expectations. Once you have set your goals, consistency and moderation are the keys to success. If you approach weight loss by choosing to make healthier decisions, you can expect to lower your body fat at a rate … Read More