Chair Stretches

Hold all stretches for 30-60 seconds.

Place your right hand on
knee, and your left hand
right knee. Lean forward
arch your back like a cat.
outward pressure with your
while continuing to hold
You should feel this across
shoulders and back.

Place your right hand on
the back of your left elbow.
Push your arm across your
chest, as if you are hugging
yourself with one arm.
You should feel this across
the back of your shoulder.
Perform on both sides.


Sit on the front half of your chair.
Place your hands together, behind
your back. Sit up straight, pull
your shoulders back and push
your chest forwards at the same
time. You should feel this in the
front of your shoulders and in your
chest muscles.


Slowly twist your body to
one side while keeping your
feet flat on the floor and
your knees forward. You can
use the arms of the chair to
increase the stretch.
Perform on both sides.


Sit on the edge of your chair
and extend your right leg (or
vice versa), with your toes
pointed up. Keep your back
straight and, while maintaining
good posture, push your chest
forward so you feel the stretch
in your hamstrings.